The Salt Pound Project

The medium of exchange with a human sense.

What we do

Our project strives to build, advocate for, and maintain the Salt Pound, a framework for making payments and storing wealth, designed to empower individuals in vulnerable communities and foster sustainable economic growth in developing countries.


The Salt Pound is used to transfer wealth from people who want to share it, to the people who need it. The system is designed to be fast, secure and transparent.

How it works

The Salt Pound is based on two independent components: The Exonum blockchain framework, and a physical good: natural salt.

Building blocks

The project fusions two existing ideas: Electronic currencies and local, community-powered currencies to create a full-blown, failsafe trust network.


Our General Assembly on January 5th 2018 approved to set up two pilot projects in 2018-2019: Las Coloradas, Yucatán, Mexico, and Zahle, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

Why trust us

We are a registered Non-Profit. Our statutes are public, as well as the identities of our management. Also, our codebase is public and auditable.

Get involved

We rely on committed development experts, no-nonsense scholars, programmers, marketers, administrators, and volunteers in general, so get in touch.

Raymundo Soto

Raymundo Soto Morales

General Manager

Guillermo Flores

Guillermo Flores

Advocate General

Alejandro Flores

Alejandro Flores

Regional Manager - Latin America

Karla Rocha

Karla Rocha

Marketing (outreach & Strategy)

Andreas Ramboeck

Andreas Ramboeck

Marketing (Design & CI)

Stefanie Zauner

Stefanie Zauner

Fundraising & Strategy

Helene Sophia Morin

Helene Sophia Morin

Minute taker


Account Holder: The Salt Pound Project
IBAN/SWIFT Number: AT66 1500 0005 0139 0371
Bank name: Oberbank AG

Get in touch

Append to all email addresses listed. For donations, please write to donate@. For donating hardware, please write to hardware@. For volunteering, write to people@. Got any questions? write to qa@. For bug reports or relevant security advice, please send an encrypted e-mail to security@ adding this Public key.

Our statutes are public. Click for the latest version (German only).

Code for us

We use the Rust Programming Language for our implementation of the Exonum Blockchain framework and HTML/CSS for our website